We are a
Non Profit Team

In 2014 we launched the website to address the problem of bullying in South Africa with specific focus on our children, the workplace, our homes and at work.

In 2016, there was a sudden increase in viral videos of children bullying each other. We then took the decision to empower the children of South Africa that don't have access to our website. The easiest way forward was via newspapers and school roadshows, with direct interaction with local communities and businesses to address the problem.

Please note that we are a registered NPC (non profit company) 2017/053793/08 and don't receive any funding from government, we rely solely on our fundraising events and our partnerships with corporates and the generosity of the public to keep this StopBullying Campaign running forward.

Together we can make a positive difference in the lives of our future leaders.

We have a
Strong Mission

The vision statement of the StopBullying campaign is to contribute to putting an end to the epidemic of bullying among our children, our families, our work force and our motorists through counseling, life skills training, open communication, and creative outlets.

To accomplish this vision in the short term, we plan to have roadshows, provide professional speakers and counsellors, who are able and willing to assist.

For the long term, we strive to create awareness of the underlying problems that bullying creates in our communities as well as possible solutions to these problems. In this manner, we will contribute to building stronger communities.

Become a Volunteer

The StopBullying campaign is looking for volunteers.  
Professional counselors and speakers are needed as well as telephone and Whatsapp volunteers.
If you would like to volunteer and make a difference in your community
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